You should be able to customize your package to suit your needs. Not everyone needs everything we offer, but everyone deserves a custom ceremony! All of our packages include unlimited virtual consultations, a custom-written ceremony, and live performance on the big day. And if you need us to, we are happy to certify and file your marriage license for you after the ceremony has taken place.
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Pricing Questions

You sure have a lot of package options.
That's not a question, but yeah, we do.
Ok, wise guy, why do you have so many options?
There was a time when all we had was a maxed-out package that included everything – live consultations, rehearsal attendance, sound system, the works. It was far more than what most couples needed out of their ceremony officiant.

So we decided to make the packages more a-la-carte so you could put together the combination that was perfect for you. There are really only a couple of variables: (1) how many in-person meetings you'd like before the ceremony, (2) whether you need us to coordinate your rehearsal, and (3) whether you need to add on a sound system.
How do these virtual consultations work?
The availability of video conferencing has been a huge cost and time saver for couples. We're able to keep our prices lower by connecting over any number of peer-to-peer conferencing tools like FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. They're easy to use and get you the same in-person experience.

Because they don't require us to get in a car and drive back and forth, we are able to pass on that time savings to you in the form of a less-expensive package. The vast majority of our clients choose the Basic Package and are thrilled with the results.

But if you are more comfortable with the idea of meeting in person, you can book the Standard or Deluxe Packages instead.
Will you meet us in person before we sign a contract with you?
No. We are blessed to receive over 1000 inquiries a year and it would be impossible to have a live meeting with everyone as a prerequisite to booking with us. All of our pre-booking meetings are conducted online or over the phone. It's a great introduction to the virtual consultations that we include in our Basic Package!
Do you charge travel fees?
In 99% of cases, no. Travel to and from the ceremony location is included in our packages. However, on rare occasion you may have a special need that requires one of our officiants to travel farther than would be considered usual. We would always disclose this upfront. We will never surprise you with travel fees after you have agreed on an officiant and package.

Rehearsal Attendance

Does my officiant need to attend a rehearsal?
The short answer is "probably not."

Most rehearsals consist of the wedding party practicing lining up, walking in, and walking out. The ceremony itself is never rehearsed. Rather than be a bystander at your rehearsal, we would love to have a conversation with you during the week leading up to your special day to review the ceremony and double-check final details (this is included in all packages).

If you aren't working with a planner or your venue does not provide someone to run your rehearsal, you might want to bring your officiant in to actually organize and facilitate it. If we have your rehearsal time available (we may have a wedding scheduled for that day/time), then we would be happy to step into the role of onsite rehearsal coordinator.
But my wedding coordinator said the officiant should be there!
We do not encourage you to spend money solely on having us be in attendance at your rehearsal. We'd be happy to check in with you and/or your wedding coordinator to go over the details of the day. Usually a quick conversation is all it takes to put everyone at ease.
My aunt/uncle/brother/etc. is going to be performing a reading/song. Shouldn't you be at the rehearsal so they know when to come up?
That is awesome! It's great to honor someone close to you and have them be a part of the ceremony. But no, we don't need to be there – save your money!

In all seriousness, we will have gone over any special situations like this and will absolutely introduce them at the appropriate time. We'd even be happy to talk to them ahead of time so they know what to listen for as a cue.
You really don't want to come to the rehearsal, do you?
It's not that we don't want to be there. It's that we are very often booked on Thursday and Friday evenings, so we have to charge you to make up for the fact that we can't schedule a wedding that night. And we don't think you should spend money on something that won't add anything to your special day. 

But if you have a legitimate reason for needing us there (you don't have a coordinator and you'd like us to run the rehearsal), then you can add rehearsal attendance on to your package.

Sound Systems

Do I need amplification for my ceremony?
In most cases, yes. But oftentimes, the DJ or ceremony musicians will provide a PA system for the officiant. The reason we think amplification is important is that you want your guests to hear the ceremony. It also allows for the officiant to speak more naturally without needing to use their "big voice" throughout.

If you are having an intimate gathering or a ceremony in an extremely quiet place, it is possible to perform a wedding ceremony without amplification. But most of the time you will benefit from a sound system.
Do I need to add a sound system for my ceremony?
As mentioned above, if you have contracted a DJ or a ceremony musician, they will usually be happy to provide a microphone for the officiant, so no need to have us bring one out as well. But if you are planning a smaller, budget-friendly ceremony or your DJ isn't going to provide ceremony sound, these packages can help to make your moment even more special!

Whenever you book an Officiant Package, you can add on a Sound System. Our systems are pro-quality, wireless, and battery powered, so we can use them anywhere you are getting married – even on the beach!

And while these systems will help amplify your officiant so everyone can hear, any time we bring out a sound system, we also offer to play prelude and ceremony music of your choosing at no additional cost. Simply let us know you are interested in one of these systems when you book your officiant and we can add it to your package.
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