Ceremony Styles

religious ceremonies
Religious Ceremonies
Religious wedding ceremonies tend to focus on a particular religious style. For instance, we often get requests for Catholic-styled ceremonies when the wedding will be taking place outdoors or the couple can't secure a priest. We also have rabbis on staff to serve in more traditional Jewish ceremonies. We are confident that we can write and perform a ceremony that embraces your faith (or interfaith) traditions!
nondenominational ceremonies
Nondenominational Ceremonies
This literally means "not of a denomination." In other words, it could be generally Christian, but may not sound like one of the major religions. These ceremonies have become very popular for couples who come from varied faith backgrounds but want to find and celebrate their common elements.
spiritual ceremonies
Spiritual Ceremonies
Spiritual ceremonies may honor or recognize a higher power or spirit, but do not come across as religious in nature. These cannot be identified as Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc., but do not shy away from celebrating a wedding with spirituality or mysticism.
civil ceremonies
Civil Ceremonies
While this might sound like an old-fashioned courthouse ceremony, in reality, this type of ceremony gives us the opportunity to focus on your love for each other and to celebrate you (without reference to any religious or spiritual elements).
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